Mission of the Foundation

To build bridges between our historical heritage, the culture of our modern society and the sustainable future for the generations after us by:

Goals of the Foundation


preservation and socialization of Bulgarian tangible and intangible cultural - historical, architectural and artistic heritage.


of cultural, artistic and scientific initiatives, including innovative approaches to national and international research and knowledge of the past and the deleted heritage, preservation of sites at risk, mutual understanding of different cultures and building of spiritual bridges between communities.

Contribuion to

the development of sustainable tourism based on cultural, historical and natural treasures of the regions.


of the natural resources of the country.


of professional capacity in these areas and provide perspectives on human resources development, including supporting young talents.


spiritual and social development of communities based on cultural, historical and natural resources they possess, and creating successful models for future development, including through international partnership.


Awareness of the society and initiate a public debate about the importance of preserving and enriching the cultural and spiritual foundations and overcome the negative consequences by the deletion of the national memory layers.


of architectural and historical sites.